Bicyle Network

Morning guys,

as the organisation is based in Melbourne and primary looked after VIC so far I post it here. Is anyone familiar with them and/or have an opinion about them? They are opening an office up here in SYD and I’m considering applying for a job. Having said that I’ve never even heard of them before even though that they claim to be one of the biggest cycling organisations of the world.

Thanks for your thoughts!



A bunch of well meaning people trying to keep a whole range of sensitive cycling and potential cycling groups happy. Also trying to be the main cycling advocacy group, along with a few others, most notably the Amy Gillett Foundation, meaning there is a bit of infighting.

I reckon it’d be a pretty challenging organism to run diplomatically, but could be a totally excellent and virtuous.

They threatened to sue the hubbards/super commuters of Sydney Bicycle Network… and threats of legal action - Sydney Cyclist

Thanks guys, will not apply…

Marc, change can only occur within! There will be dickheads whereever you work, doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

Agreed, you’ve got nothing to lose by applying. If it’s a good job, go for it and work from within to bring change.

It would be good to have a FOA sleeper cell within such an organisation. Go for it.

This. I think applying is the first thing, and it doesn’t engage you much, apart from the time spent preparing the application. If you get an interview you also have a chance to form your own opinion on your prospective employers.

An interesting article, discussing the ‘a metre matters’ proposition that Amy is lobbying for. The BN guy’s attitude makes me think that bringing a change from within would be pretty hard:

A Metre Matters, but will it improve cyclist safety? | CyclingTips