Big and Bright Cannondale

I would buy this it if it was 58 or smaller, alas, its miles too big for me. Its got a Fluro Turbo FFS!

CANNONDALE LIGHTWEIGHT ALLOY CRITERIUM FRAME | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Warringah Area - Frenchs Forest

Damn thats one tall bike.

That angle of the aero bars !

one of my all time favourite frames…

Been on ebay before at this price, thought it sold?

rad to the power of siqq

Gone. I grabbed this on the weekend. Ended up being 58. The dude couldn’t use a tape meaure

Shattered, I was just about to ask if anyone could pick up and post for me.

Worst dropout design

please expand bigK ?

Just look at the drop out, it’s just canter levering out in no mans land

I had a big long chat with Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch about dropout design a while back.

He used them as an example of what not to do.

The axle cantilevered out behind the seat stay/chainstay junction can lead to failure after fatigue and/or a big bump.

The force acts on the straight flimsy bit of material between the axle mounting point and the stronger SS/CS junction.

Its the same reason that I wont use the sliding Paragon dropouts anymore. It is ok if you really heavily reinforce the rear triangle but why add al that extra weight when there are better dropouts out there

Just clamp the end of the tubes flat and file a slot for the axle.

interesting, so has there ever been reports if those cannondale drop outs failing? pics etc?

The dropout is not the frame SPLATMO

Darrell saw enough fail that he felt need to mention it.

No pics or evidence, but I believe him

The dropouts are the least of your problems- it’s the bone-shattering ride quality of those 2.8’s that sucks!

fair enough, guess ill be doing some googling =)

cheers for the info keify

If your bike has these dropouts, keep riding it.

Just inspect the dropout area once every now and again.

cheers bigK, will do.

Just buy my caad 7 frame