Big Beardo with S&S couplings


Interesting link

what on earth do you mean =P

Wow, way too big for me but would buy just to look at it !!!
Contender for bargain of the year !!
More asterisk’s just because !!!

Agree ^ . Why in Perth, and why not 2-3 cm’s bigger in seat toob… :frowning:

It’s actually quite a tall frame … how tall are you? It’s got a bit of slope and with the virtual 62cm top tube i’d say a 6’3" to 6’6" rider is about ballpark for this one. There’s still some extra room on the steerer, and with the post out it’d stretch quite well.

Damn you Spirito, I was trying to behave with the whole N+1 thing this close to christmas, trying to save not spend etc.

It does look big enough for me, especially up front.

I think i best run this past the minister in charge of war/finance :stuck_out_tongue:

Good move but happy to stash it here with me if negotiations fail :slight_smile:
before anything nut out the fit & size it up, ask the seller for seat tube, top tube, down tube and headtube measurements and you can draw it up to a smaller scale & compare it to what you have to get a better idea.

But Jeebus H. Christ it’s got a lot of good things going on on that frameset !!!

Always room at my place too, not that I’m trying to be en enabler or anything. Actually, I’ve probably got all the bits to build it up with 8 speed & bar ends… :slight_smile:

The more i look at this the more i think it will fit. Buy it Ev, so i don’t.

Don’t hang about. The frameset is cheaper than the cost of purchasing couplers alone.

Jase, any chance you could make a pick-up and post happen??

Buy buy buy /enabler.

Was my exact response last night. I say get it.

Yep, postage to get the couplers from S&S almost costs that bloody much

pm’d =)

i did notice the ads pulled down though??

This was posted on the “Fuck yeah Jan Heine” Facebook group and from the comments I think someone bought it pretty quickly.

Yep, sold. But unfortunately not to me. I hassled him for some more measurement/size etc and someone else bagged it. Should’ve just pulled trigger and sorted the size out later :frowning:

That’s Ok bro … I’ve learnt that there will always be other bikes and especially now a wider group knows that a) you’re keen and b) what size would suit there’ll be lots of us tyre kickers, lug sniffers and bicycle tragic’s looking out for something to suit you :slight_smile:

Damn, got on to this thread way too late, would have pulled the trigger if sub $500-was it???\

Such nice details on that frame ;(