Big bike sale

My sister works for pacific brands who distribue masi, malvern star, dunlop, and more

Just recieved the folllowing email:

Massive bike sale - Melbourne only

Pacific Brands Staff, Family & Friends.

Brands : Ridley, Masi, Haro, Norco, Malvern Star, Dunlop, Repco, Diamond Back. Please be aware that samples come in 1 size only - the international brands are samples only.

Friday 23rd April 9am – 4.30pm

Friday 30th April 9am – 4.30pm

Building 5, 600 Geelong Road, Brooklyn.

Kids bikes from $40, Adult Bikes from $60, samples and scratch & dent.

Pick up on the day only.

EFTPOS and Mastercard/Visa only – strictly no cash.

Don’t miss out - while stocks last.

Could pick up a bargain or two…


I’ve got an RDO Friday, might go out and take a look.
Sample size for bikes would be a 54 or 56?

pick me up a 63cm if there’s more than 1, moccos!

There are a few decent looking MASI’s on the floor. Sadly the last of the fixed MASI’s was being wheeled out by a fellow fixed member when I rocked up at 20 past.

Not selling framesets tho (at least fixed ones) just complete bikes. Might be selling roadie frames tho? Maybe even groupsets? Few nice ladies and townie cruisers too.

No gear sadly - I was hoping they’d have helmets and other gear.

Ok, so what did everyone get, and how much did you pay. I know you pricks were there because they said the 6 or 7 fixies and SSs were all taken in the first 20 minutes. Saw some dude riding off on one bike, wheeling a yellow fixie next to it as I was driving in.

Apparently the track bikes were all 53cm and the single speeds and roadies 56cm.

Yeah, that was me doing the 2-bicycle-boogie off to Yarraville Station! Got a Masi Speciale Fixed Ultimate, but they only had 53cm frames. I think the guy before me scored the only 56cm Masi Speciale. He also got a LTD, and said that he wasn’t riding them, just hanging them on the wall in his “play-room”. WTF?!?

What is the range and prices like for the roadies?

What did you pay for it?

Grats on the Ulti, I was a few mins too late nab anything. Once you realise that MASI is too small for you, I’ll buy it from you. Just the frame if you want to keep the stuff on it. :smiley:

Should have had a close look, but was in a hurry - $400 - $900 was the range of price tags I saw but don’t ask what you get for the money. There was a MASI SS (non “track” droputs) for $500.

So how much was your fixed Masi, Waggers? I ended up grabbing that 56cm Masi SS (road frame) for $500. Pissed that I missed all the fixed bikes, but consoling myself with the fact that they were probably all too small for me.

Most expensive bike I saw there was a $1500 time trial bike, 105-level.

i should check on the forum every day!~