Big birthday ride

It’s my bday on saturday (don’t ask how old i am) and I have this intense desire to eat/drink ANYTHING I want and eat a LOT. McDonalds, Sticky Date Pudding and ice cream, Beer, Twisties etc. (i am a simple man with simple pleasures)

So I need a big stinking ride to justify that.

So I am proposing a ride to Redcliffe and back. This will also be good training for the gold coast ride. Total km’s will approach 90ks. The route is pretty much pancake flat (with the odd bump) and mostly on bike paths and shoulders and slow roads. the biggest killer will be wind so slower riders should tuck in behind someone ahead and will find the going pretty sweet. trust me.

Lunch/afternoon tea stop at cafe in woody point. Plenty of public water stops.

Start at Brisbane Boys Grammar (where global gutz would have started) roughly on corner of Gregory Tce and Boundary at 11am. (late start cause i will have my drinking hat on for friday night and need some sleep).


If it’s just me and shirts - that’s cool. :slight_smile:

sounds rad. would love to do these when im mended.

have a good bday/ride dude.

srsly! if you wanna boz my trainer - it’s yours.
keeping fit will boost your immune system and help you recover faster plus just keep you sane through this.

plus i will throw in some dvds to watch as you spin: “flying scotsman” and “hell on wheels” - both awsm films!

Working, Dam it :x
I’ll be keen for a big ride soon though, new roadie should be here tomorrow :smiley:

I’m in! Have done this one before and it is loads of fun. Most of it is on decent bike path as well. Planning on going out through Nundah and the wetlands I suppose?

would it work on my mountain bike?

yep- route is:

Gregory Tce, Bowen Bridge Road, hook turn at Legeht (or right at the street earlier if we get the chance), then mcdonald st and then bridge st and dickson and then through clayfield hooking up with the bike path at toombul. then the jim soorley bike path to boondall wetlands, then from there through bike paths and back streets to sandgate and then along the bay to the old bridge to redcliffe. then road through woody point etc to the esplanade route. There’s a big roundabout which would make a good turnaround point. Same route back except a detour around bowen bridge rd.

If we can be back at 8.30 I’m in. Just straight after your pub/birthday night?

How old do you get? :stuck_out_tongue:

should be sweet. but does depend on your mtb having a rear skewer.
the trainer provides a skewer which is metal and you switch for your normal rear skewer.

  • i guess for strength. i’ll email you!!

Erik: do you mean 8:30 pm?
cause we will be back by then! Lol

i am terribly old. anyone who comes will be learn the horrible truth.

i will provide this clue:
my new age is NOT a prime number. :frowning:

no, am, gotta be in the shop at 9am…

i’m affraid you can’t beat me in age

Shit erik I hope you were drunk when you typed that…

Correct spelling and punctuation not your forte :stuck_out_tongue:

What time would you’se hit Woody Point?

I might meet you’se there as i’m a near local, for the ride back
into the big smoke.

im in for sure - sounds like a sweet route

I might jump in when you guys hit sandgate. Any idea what time you will be passing through?

at about 25kms per hour i’d say we’d hit flinders pde at sandgate about 12 to 12:15. so if we have the wind behind us - maybe earlier. i dunno. i am hopeless at this stuff

i was planning to stop at that cafe on the esplanade just after elizabeth ave…near roland st. not sure what it is called. run by a nice kiwi lady! i think the building is red.
we’ll get there around 12:30 -1pm.

Rain cleared up here, Bright Blue sky.
Everyone still good to go?
See you’se for the ride back around 12:30!

Thanks Dave, Shirts and Goose for a great ride. Note to self: next time ride a bigger gear!

Anyone contemplating this ride in future should pack heat. I lost count of the number of bogans we encountered that were less than happy that we were riding in the bike lane, shoulder or left lane of a three lane road. One guy turned over Shirts going through a roundabout at Sandgate. Another just over the bridge in Redcliffe stopped and wanted to punch on with me. Some random a bit further north took exception to us executing a right turn, then a motorbike coming the other way decided to have a go as well. Now I know why Redcliffe made it onto the list.

Wow I have never ever been hassled or even honked in redcliffe maybe you should invest in a kryptonite lock and watch this instructional video

thanks fr coming dudes. awsm ride.
ate the biggest bowl of sticky date pudding and ice cream ever last night