Big, flat carpark wanted southeastern Melb

anybody know of a big, flat carpark-type paved area with a decently smooth surface (ie not chipseal), anywhere from about St Kilda to Frankston?

and/or…is there a dead flat velodrome anywhere in Melb?

or about 2km of flat smooth road relatively free of cars?

^ Time to learn how to skid, Captain?


LOL that’s actually funny (can’t skid, can’t trackstand, managing to live a happy and productive life without either)

Nope, thinking about a crack at a cyber-milesometime over summer, keeping a lookout for a suitable venue.

Monash Uni carpark, Clayton campus. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but either the top floor of the Engineering carpark (north of the campus) or top floor of the south east carpark are usually 100% empty over summer. They’re both pretty big.

Albert Park at the right time/day?

I am confused by that link, care to explain, rather than have me google it?

My mates drive drift cars there.

in the link there’s a scroll bar, scroll up to the green bit for details/rules

in brief a 1mile flat course time trial by skateboard

zomg, why did I not see that before?


This is brilliant how have i never heard of this? haha. If anyone knows one around the flemington area Im definitely starting training.

spend a little time over here

and thanks all for the carpark tips, will check 'em out