Big Max Somec!

Somec Columbus MAX 61 bei Fahrr

Hellz yeah this thing looks the business. Wish there was better pics! and english…

in the related items, makes me want to get some kind of crazy surgery so I can ride bikes for giant people.

SOMEC Top Class 1994 Stahlrahmen italian vintage bei Fahrradteile (endet 08.08.10 10:22:21 MESZ)

Its a 57?!?
If its not 60cm+ it doesn’t belong in a tall man thread!!

This looks exactly like (or it is the very same) a frame that came up on ebay a few months back I went to bid but the seller withdrew listings. Was peeeeessed at the time.

it’s biggish, i wouldn’t say big. and as moccos said, 57cm ain’t no big frame. p’r’aps you’re short?

Seeing this makes me miss my Somec. Shiiiiiit.