Big $$ Merckx

Eddy Merckx Molteni Bike de Rosa Handmade The Bike of The Cycling Legend | eBay

Seller seems sure, lot of money for no certification.

Guy has a huge collection

instagram user @paris_roubaix1973

massive merckx fetish, especially team GAN bikes

Irrespective, if you’re selling such an iconic bike without any supporting documentation or provenance then people are quite rightly gonna either be doubtful or call you out as being a knob.

Either way Merckx had so many bikes, they’re not as rare as this seller thinks/values.

Yes, the guy is on Instagram and is a total Merckx fanatic. But I agree, given he’s got no evidence that Merckx owned the bike, it’s just not enough to say so for the potential buyer. i would think that at that level of involvement and price, there are special collectors networks for that kind of business (like in art) - eBay looks like the wrong place for this stuff.

Merckx was fanatical about his bikes, often took a dozen bikes to GTs that were built and setup for different stages. Very hard for someone to be satisfied with the provenance but good luck to them if they’re happy relying on the auction description