Big Red Perkins

Race number hanger and all.

Rad. Would.

Mine I tell you… all mine…


it’s in at st cloud getting cleaned up. will post once that’s done.
The bike’s a beauty and the frame is perfect and paint and stickers are all fine too. It’s really dirty and hasn’t been ridden in a long time.
Daryl is overseas at the moment otherwise I’d find out exactly what the tubing is. It’s an oversize tube set though, manufactured in May, 92. I’m thinking columbus more than reynolds.

It came with ultegra 9 sp (Blakey approved) and the ugliest stem set up you’ve ever seen.
Still deciding whether or not to go the full hog and put a modern groupset on it or not. Happy to consider all advice.

Picked it up at 11am Hamish?

Yes, that stem is a shocker.

Congrats! Awesome bike.

Get a ten sp chain though. 9sp ones are average.

If the hoods are shot just dump the group and put up a wtb for 6600 or 7800, or go 11sp to share with your other roadie.

Did you call about it?

Yes, half-heartedly made inquiries. Look forward to seeing how it gets built up.

i am just about to strip a 6600 group off a broken avanti if you’re keen

Thanks Scott. At this stage I’m thinking of putting a Campag Centaur 10sp group on it. Got it sitting in a box. just need a rear wheel.