Big tyre fixed gear

Are there any options for a big tyre fixed gear? I’m talking 700 x 40c - ish

Need a 135mm spaced fixed hub rear wheel (surly and some others make them) and then you can use a cyclocross or MTB frame than has some way of tensioning the chain (and 135mm drop outs).

Thanks Mike, I didn’t realise hubs were available but I was thinking along the same lines fram wise and a 29er MTB frame would do the job. Having said that a CX frame would more likely have closer to traditional fixie geometry though i’m thinking.

Going back to hubs though I thought a disc brake hub could be converted pretty easily and did some googling to see if anyone had done it before, and sure enough… Fixed Gear Gallery :: RE: Converted disc Fixie hub story
…so I might play around with that idea.

As for the dropout issue my plan is to cut and shut for that extra chain tensioning goodness. One dependancy I have is I really need at least a 44mm head tube for the set of forks I want to use.

Surly Steamroller will fit a 40mm. Friend of mine rolls 40mm Schwalbe G-One Speeds on his (maybe they’re 38mm?).

Frame and fork has good clearance, but you may be limited by brake options, since long reach caliper brakes, and some have better clearance than others.

Another option is the All-City Nature Boy, but that’s tending more to SS CX. Lots of other horizontal dropout or sliding dropout steel CX/monstercross frames around too: Surly Crosscheck/Straggler, Soma Wolverine, various Voodoos.

I ran up to 50mm big apples on a Bombtrack Arise Disc model, pretty tight though. Will rub if your wheels arnt 100% true

Will take 40 and 45mm easssyyy

however not 44mm headtube.

Here’s my raw steamroller with thicc GravelKings. Best fixed setup of all time.

Wheels are Miche to HPlus TB14 in ano grey.




Oh man, I knew I’d regret selling my steamroller.