Biggest frame size EVER?

Steel 72cm Bill Davidson frame and fork - eBay (item 260734761534 end time Feb-15-11 17:48:28 PST)

Holy shit batman!

that headtube would be at least 20 times longer than most seat tubes

Looks like the image has been distorted vertically in photoshop!

I could totally ride this.

The other stuff he has for sale are on the same scale of awesome/MASSIVE!

This Cinelli is pretty big, too:

Rare opportunity if you’re 6’4"+ & love Classic Bikes - eBay (item 190500113876 end time Feb-18-11 17:12:28 PST)

Hell yeah! I want one. How tall are you moccos? I’m 6’4.
Never had an opportunity to say it, but I get to now.

I think that frame is a bit too big for me.

^ I think that’s taller than Mr Dylan’s tallbike.

those wheels look like 650b’s

Someone buy it and we’ll find out.

oah dude you shoud buy both of them and make a super tall bike!!

My legs wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals!

Weld a bb to the down tube which then can drive the two cranks below it and you would have a recumbent tall bike.

i’ve seen bigger.

(thats what she said!)

oh, and the guy’s listing is awesome btw! (the Cinelli, that is)