Biiiig Giant Tourer - $200 BIN - Melb

28"21speed Hybrid Cyclocross Giant Mountain/Roadbike With,105 Shimano Parts | eBay

Seller says its 25.5 inches = 64cm but it doesn’t look that big?

Good cranks and bars look like nitto randonneurs or similar…

Good buying I reckon.

Really good buying. I reckon it’d be 58cm max.

What fender / rack mounts would you expect this to have? Can’t make out from ebay pics.

Its got them all.

Rear rack mounts on the seat stays are in the pics and you can just make out double mounts at the drop outs, it has mid fork braze-ons too.

It also has those strange braze ons on the ‘front’ of the seat stays i.e. on the opposite side as the canti bosses and just above them, its in the picture below. I have never really figured out what they are for …

Euro style bike locks.

Anyone live near to this? I quite fancy it.