Bike borrow + Accom next weekend.

Yo. Coming down for this next wekend. Anyone got a bike I could borrow to do some riding (~54cmTT for a roadie/CX)? Furthermore anyone got a backyard or couch I could stay in/on for the friday, saturday and maybe sunday night?

PM’d you Lorday.

Sorry mate - if only my house was ready, you would have your own room. Bike, I could help you out with my kona singlespeed cx? It’s got a 55tt though.

Ride your Clamont you goose.

Also I messaged you about accommodation because I’m still non-committal about next weekend.

I’ve got a spare room if anyone needs it.
And a spare 60cm bike

I was going to message you Liam then realised you’re probably still living with the in-laws or the likes!

Seb’s got me sorted with somewhere to sleep as well as a bike my size (legend). Who wants to go for a ride?

I’m probably going to do the Saturday morning ride with Gefsco then extend it out a bit.

Sounds good. I’m not too fussed about rising with that group but do want to get some kays in Saturday and Sunday.

Keen for some ks too.

Excellent. Are you close to where I’m staying?

^ Didn’t know I had Pinzo over.