Bike boxes

Anyone know any friendly cycle shops in or around the Melbourne CBD who may let me take an old bike box off their hands? I’ve just sold a bike and need to ship it to Brisbane and, stupidly, I haven’t kept any of the boxes I’ve received over the last wee while.

any help appreciated.

Usually you can just give any bike store a call and ask them when they build up their next bike to keep the box aside for you.

I know that Brunswick St Cycles do that. They often have a heap of boxes lying around.

cool, i’ll give them a buzz, thanks!

Not BikeNow.

Lygon Street Cycles in Brusnwick often have a pile of giant bike boxes down the Edward Street side of the shop. Last time I rummaged around there (with permission first, they were wrapped as they pay to get them taken away) I also scored some plastic fork/dropout spaces & helpful styrofoam blocks outta their wheely bin too - rockn.

I highly recommend the use of old hubs or cut-to-length metal tubing - either option secured with a skewer (although it may be excessive if you’re just shipping it interstate).

You can also ask a store to keep all the packing materials aside for you if you cant find any around the cobbled back street

Hey there, Borsari Cycles on Lygon always have a few boxes of various sizing lying around. I think it’s a gold coin donation though…

If you can’t get the plastic spacers from a shop, go and buy 1m of threaded rod from a hardware store and 8x nuts & 8x washers per bike. (washers optional), then cut the rod down to (dropout spacing)+(2xdropout thickness)+(2xnut width)+(contingency).

Bolt these into place and you’ll be able to stand on the dropouts without mangling the frame. Costs bugger all.

For reference, Andy put his frame shipping technique up on Fyxo a few weeks ago.

brunswick street cycles were happy to help. thanks kids.

I sometimes get frames with a 120mm piece of timber between the stays, from the states and the like.

If anyone needs those little plastic frame/fork spacer thingos or the plastic discs that go on the end of your hubs PM me your address and I’ll post you some.