Bike Camping With Kids

So, I’ve been slowly pulling together all the kit for doing some overnighters on the bike.

The kids overheard me talking about it and were keen to tag along, so thinking in theory this is something I should encourage I’ve promised the 7 year old she can come along on on a trip.

Looking for route/site recommendations for this sort of thing near Melbourne. Happy to drive somewhere with bikes and park before setting off.

She’s capable of 10-15k and doesn’t mind a bit of gravel.


Warburton rail trail?

Could park at launching place and camp at the campground in warby.

Or birregurra to forrest?

Pretty hilly. Great trip though. How about the Goldfields Track? Ride out of Ballarat to wherever you get to and camp. Or Castlemaine and camp at Fryerstown School. They have hot showers there and everything for $10.

Colac to Forest is hilly, birregurra to forrest is flat

Cheers; Launching Place to Warby, and Castlemaine to Fryerstown both look good for first timers



Cheers; Launching Place to Warby, and Castlemaine to Fryerstown both look good for first timers



If you don’t mind a bit of a drive to get to the start, the East Gippsland Rail Trail/Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail is a good option.

The main starting point for the rail tail is Bairnsdale but it’s not really all that great until you hit Bruthen. And from Bruthen it’s not far along the trail to get to the intersection with the Gippsland Lakes Discovery trail, which goes through nice forest and has a dry campsite (Log Crossing) about 10km down. It can get a bit rough in patches, but they’re short enough to walk through. And I think my experience with bogans at the campsite was because it was a long weekend.

Maybe worth doing for trip 2 if this first one works out.

Success? Did Launching place to Warbie last night. She smashed it, I’m locked in with kid number 2 for next weekend now…

That’s bloody awesome. I can’t wait to do the same one day.


Lucky kids. I imagine camping trips would be pretty exciting at that age. Combined with a bike ride would be the coolest thing ever.

This warms my heart. Great work Dalli. Can’t wait to do this.

Seen this?

Excellent. More bikes need purple power tassels.

The funny thing is she doesn’t even really like pink. It was just the first decent 20" that popped up when I started looking.

Tykepacking I love it might have to start gramming

Ive started scheming how I can get all three kids along. I can see a tarp tent hogback in the future.

Luxe Sil-Octopeak F8?

It’s what I was about to try and get from Backpacking Light (a shop I dislike but is the stockist) before I found a Nemo Pentalite at Paddy Pallin. The Pentalite is discontinued now, as is the Golite Shangri-La 5. Hogback would be good though.

Luxe looks good too, I’ve got a little while to decide I think.

Was talking with kid number two about this weekend over breakfast when my 2 year old pipes up asking when her turn was…

Did kid number two last night. She’s not quite 6 so we just 10km from Yarra Junction to Warby. She powered there fine. Stopped at cog for brekky on the way home, then arrived back at the car to find I’d parked smack bang in the middle of the 4th Sunday of the month community market. Took some careful negotiation to get ourselves out…

Powering up the rail trail

Stopped in Millbrook for a lemonade and to report progress

Rabbitty came along for the ride

I love you Dalli

Aw shucks. All booked in for two nights at Fryerstown with both kid in school holidays.

Everyone is getting excited

This is rad.