Bike cinema friday is back

Next Friday the 29th Hell On Wheels will be hosting its third installment of awesomeness! This months Night will feature a Little Devil Tribute! Seek & Destroy and Criminal Mischief are staples in any quality BMX VHS collection, Van Homans section in Criminal is still probably the best section, ever. To celebrate the evening we?ll be having a competition! The person with the most Little Devil gear on will win an alcohol related prize, think spirits and six packs! So roll on around the rear of the shop around 7pm for an evening of bicycle motocross video history!

In! :slight_smile:

I’m loving being on annual leave! I dont have to miss out of any of this shiz!

I need to dig out my LD chain wallet and t shirt.

I actually just found an old little devil T two days ago and it still fitted. Doubt I will be able to make it down in time after work though but will try if I think there is a chance.