Bike club / racing licence

Hi guys,
From word of mouth the i found out that if you join a cycling club that you’re covered by insurance if your in an accident. That’s a bonus but I’m interested in racing but there’s a few licence classes.
I’m almost 36 but not sure what to get!? Just want to give a few crits a go. Probably in D or C grade.
Closest club to me currently is the Randwick botany club.
Anyways any info of your vast knowledge would be appreciated.

assuming it’s the same as Victoria, get a Masters Licence. cheaper, and doesn’t stop you from entering any of the elite races if you wanted to.

insurance covers you for “training rides”…

obvs find out the details from someone in NSW, but that’s my 2c. I just renewed my licence after a few years off.

Thanks Rolly, ah training rides aren’t all rides training ride :smiley:


except if you’re riding to/from work, that’s under workcover.

Not since 2012?

Not sure if it’s CA or BNV but whichever may require a log book for training “proof”


Didn’t with MTBA

Pretty sure Cycling Australia insurance applies any time you are out on a bike, subject to a few caveats.

I have a masters licence. This is from my 2016 membership email:

"Member Benefits

Don’t forget that your Membership includes:

  • 24/7 Public Liability Insurance worldwide including:
    • Third party property damage
    • Third party bodily injury- 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance including:
    • Non-medicare expenses
    • Income Protection - Access to club, state and national events and racing
  • Access to Bike Insurance and Travel Insurance made easy
  • Advocacy to safer cycling
  • Access to community involvement with a club"

I had a quick look for the fine print but it’s not easy to find.

P11. Additional exclusions #3

They’re all very reasonable and don’t exclude anything you’d expect to be covered by an insurance policy

  1. Driving or riding in any kind of race

^ reckon I’d expect coverage from a race injury from a racing licence insurance

Isn’t racing covered separately by your racing fee?

The insurance aspect is via membership.

Thanks for all the input guys,
I’ll grab musket a masters licence :smiley:

cycle cover dot com dotttt au is worth a look, for bicycle specific house and contents that covers you (your bike only perhaps?) whilst racing

Isn’t this referring to driving a car?

Haven’t drivin a bike in a while.

Edit: I see the second bit is the important part.

Definitely. But I see a contradiction between the document you posted and this summary of insurance which says that covered activities include races.

I’d still recommend some form of private health insurance, having learnt the hard way back in 2014…

I ended going private self funded after my over the bars crash going 55km/hr at Tuesday night DISC. The CA insurance is capped at a very low $5000 which goes very fast even with a simple collarbone plating and which also doesn’t cover any medicare claimable expenses such as the surgeon. For these medicare claimable items I only got a small portion refunded.