Bike collect and hold til RoobaIX

Hey Melbourne guys, I’m looking at buying a bike in Melbourne.

It’s located in Malvern east.

Would anyone be able to collect it and hold it for me until I am down for Roobaix in a couple of weeks???

Would like to arrange before I send the seller money!

Will shout you beers, food, soy latte’s or vegan stuff for your time.

Let me know, thanking you.

I’m happy to if pickup is available on weekends

Thanks mate, I don’t see weekends being an issue. Will contact the seller and let you know!!


I’m just a few km away in Ashwood and plenty of storage space if you need another option. I’m not working at the moment so could pick up anytime.

I’m just down the road in Oakleigh if you need a back up for any reason. Happy to pickup and store in the garage.

Nearby and happy to help if other options don’t work out.

on top of all the others, can help

Thanks all, still chatting with seller, will be sure to let you know!