Bike fit for fixie


Assuming the same geometry of the bicycle, should the bike fit, ie saddle position, for/aft etc be the same on a fixie as a roadie. Given the differences in riding style etc.

cheers for assistance

lower seat to give you some freedom of movement over bumps and stuff?

When I asked the same question I was told 1-2cm shorter in top tube + stem combo, mainly so you have a more upright, comfortable position I believe.

Still building my conversation, so I am still in the theory stage of things.


When you measure your seat height, don’t forgot to take into account the relative crank lengths of your bikes. Track cranks are short, so your saddle needs to go up a little if you want the same position.

I also found that i had to put my seat up when i ran clipless pedals because of the extra hight generated by shoes/cleats/pedals.

so many factors - shape of your bars, stem length, depends on the type of riding you’re doing more than anything.
i think it’s good to get your seat forward and bars down if you seriously want to go fast. otherwise the opposite for commuting/in traffic etc.

Never ridden anything with skinny tyres before but I’m 6’2 and I ride a 57sq. risers, seat up and I find it real comfortable. I’m looking at getting a 60 to see how that feels but I like the way the 57 fits with the lower toptube and upright position, if you want to go fast just drop your head and tuck in the elbows.