Bike fit Melbourne/Bike suggestions for a mate

Hello friends,

A mate of mine is about to purchase his first road bike and, based on my advice, would like to get a bike fit before spending $$$$ on a new bike. He has a SS commuter that he rides daily but has never ridden seriously. Basically he wants to know what size frame to look for and then will likely get a proper fit completed next year once he’s ridden it a little bit. He had a look at Total Rush and Body care solutions but both charge north of $350 and that’s more than he wants to spend right now. Any advice would be much appreciated.
For the record he wants a road bike that can also be used as a fair weather commuter and potentially to go longer distances if he gets into cycling for fitness. He really likes the look of steel and as he is unsure about whether or not he will actually ride a lot so it looking good is a top priority. Currently a Soma Smoothie is the front runner. Any other suggestions on that will also be welcome. Thanks FOA.

jason nichols (ios on beach rd) is one of the best. i can’t remember how much my fit cost, but it was definitely under $350 - and he told me to email him when i found a bike i liked and he would tell me if it would be a good fit - that’s pretty good service!

+1 for Jason for me (and Asher if he pops in)…should be under $200.

i think my appointment was $150 earlier this year, wasn’t a pre-purchase fit, went for shoes and reach adjustments.

Thanks mates!

yeah jase knows his shit.