BIke fit

So I remember reading here somewhere about the an awesome place to get a bike fit done in sydney. but i can’t for the life of me find the thread… (i might just be a retard at the search function)

I’ve got a set of tubes and lugs sitting in Kumo cycles hot little hand just waiting for my measurements.

Any advice on where to go?

Remember this will result in serious bike pronage for alla you! (think oversized lugged roadie, enve fork, modern group!)


Some dude in Mosman from memory?

There’s the legend that helped me out in manly. I will try find the thread with the details. He has crazy machines hooked up with his laptop, he can can change crank length and all measurements and put it all into the program and see what works.
I think there’s a link in there. The dude is a real life legend ( like me)

Thanks! has anyone got a bike fit done by the guy? It’s not cheap but if it’s worth it i’m seriously considering it.
And does anyone know what i bike fit usually costs?

There’s also Steve Hogg who has quite a reputation.

Yeah, if you want things done properly see Steve Hogg. Pro’s fly in from South Africa and the USA to see him. He knows a thing or two! Made a few suggestions to me that have made a world of difference. I think user spirito’s lady has seen him, heavymetal has seen him and I think Lorday too.

What are you trying to say? :wink:

But he is also a bit bonkers about helmets and magnets, right? Such a shame because I thought he was fully legit.

He is bonkers, but you have to see it to believe it. Folks can make their own minds up about all that. Magnets, they’re amazing.

she likes crazy old guys i hear… :wink:

how do they work?

I finally got around to booking the fit with steve hogs. Thanks for the advice guys!
it’s another month to wait for my kumo custom road but it will be more than worth it

I went in there today as it’s just down the road from my house, and they have the Chris King hub tools (well, tomorrow they will anyway). Legit looking setup, and they have a customer that makes Zakky boy look like a pauper - 15 pinarellos, most of them with lightweights and EPS. Wow. I’d buy something good if I had that much coin.

Fair warning he’s pretty full on. I was put back a little by some of the stuff he does while I was there BUT in the end I felt like I had an improved position on the bike, they felt very natural.
He a knowledgable guy and very passionate about what he does and believes in. I would go back.

If you have any questions write them down before going in.