Bike inspection / decent bike shop near Sutherland

I’m looking at buying a used CX bike which is at Sutherland. Does anyone here live around the area or know of a reputable bike store who could inspect it for any issues before I commit to buying?

It’s a bit far to travel from Brisbane so I’m prepared to provide money or beer for the help.


BikeCulture in San Souci and Endeavor Cycles in Sutherland are both OK shops. Chain Reaction in Cronulla is also good.

PM user RowanD, he lives out that way (or used to) and maybe able to help out.

BikeCulture is gone - closing down sale signs up and an empty shopfront last Sunday.

sweet, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yea I live in gymea now just near sutherland, endeavour cycles is my local at gymea, they are really good but can be very busy so sometimes booking in with them is hard. durham cycles at sutherland is quite good aswell. I have bought 2 bikes from chain reaction and they are pretty good, but were very lackluster about callling me back about several things (they forgot to tell me for 3 weeks that my warranty replacement frame had arrived and was just sitting in the workshop) and they can be expensive for small things.

Thanks Rowan :slight_smile: