bike insurance.

with all the recent talk of bikes and parts being ripped off i’m considering insurance, does anyone have insurance, and who with etc…?

i have checked out and for about $5 per week you can cover a bike worth about $2500

search and you shall find.

^ This subject has been covered before, but usually there is a racing component included.

Mrs P!N2 got us insurance with Bicycle Victoria, which is quite good as we don’t race, (alleycats not included,) and covers us anywhere in Australia. I won’t go into the whole policy here, but she did compare a few insurers and BV came out on top for price and features. Might be worth a look…and did I mention the free magazine? You’ll be wanting a fluoro vest after reading that!

thanks, i’ll check out BV, mmm fluro vest… just what i’ve always wanted.

ive got all my bikes insured thru shannons. Got paid out 2k for my bike which was stolen just before christmas, excess was about $150 i think.
Its under my home and contents insurance which is about $30 a month and that covers about 30k worth of shit in my rental home + $10k worth of tools and car parts.
Only catch is you gotta have a car or motorbike insured with shannons…

ok even better, i’ve been with Shannons for about 15 years (a rather sick obsession with Mazda R100’s) and i do need contents insurance.
cheers i’ll look into that too.

Use the search function.

If you ride a roadie conversion, that has some nice wheels, and some nice parts, and maybe cost say $1200 to get up and running with some decent gear, how do they go about insuring it?

a truck smashed into the back of my car recently, while i was on the melbourne freeway :frowning:

i had alot of expensive dive gear in the car, and have and have had a nightmare trying to convince them of what its worth as its not on my insurance policy and they need to pay.

are they just going to say sure, i’ll take you at your face value, of what you say its worth, because sure you get up to 2500 of replacement value, but it would be difficult to convince someone that didnt know what it was worth, its not an of the shelf bike. you cant just go and replace it.

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there are already a million threads on insurance. pls contribute to them.

you get quotes from several bike shops (with ABNs and all that stuff) for the value of the bike. this gives you an ‘official’ quote for the item’s value. then the insurance company pays you that (or reimburses you upon presentation of receipts).

i’d suggest that this is common for many other claims (it certainly was for household thefts i can remember) - not sure why your insurance company didnt suggest doing the same for your dive gear?