Bike lifestyle problems

Just some dilemmas you guys might have some inventive solutions to.

So last night I rode to a club and left my bike at my mates house next door. I met a friend at the club and they didn’t have a place to stay so I said they could come back to mine, jumped in the cab and spent 30 bucks getting home (urgh). Then had to get a lift back to my mates to pick my bike up later today. It was all a big hassle with the bike but I refuse to use public transport because it’s slow as fuck. Any ideas on the best way to transport someone back to your house when you have a bike? Is it weird if I stick them in a cab and just mash behind it?

Also, woke up this morning and didn’t feel so great and had to ride back from Caulfield to Brunswick. Any quick fix’s for making yourself/your legs feel good again? (I had a gel and I felt like munting).

i rode from the pub to a girl’s house a few times, from the GB to glenferrie rd, she cabbed it, no dramas, if they’re going to yours, just give em an extra 10er and tell em to get a kebab, that’ll buy some time

If its a chick dink her!! She’ll be so excited and impressed by you she’ll tear your cloths off.
If you’ve got rizors! It’s time too man up and get some drops even if it’s only to dink girls home from the pub with…

I had this discussion with a friend, he’s done the whole let them get the cab and he rode home. I know I could probably beat a cab home from the city to my house… Actually, no I couldn’t because they drive like f-wits.

i was with abodigital and tz3 one night a few years ago drinking at the cirx when we decsided to go to a bar in the cross… mcloving was with us but didnt have a bike, so ab-digi dinked him on the drops of his team Raleigh track bike… it was totally awesome i wish some one had a camera
watching him smash through traffic and running reds with mr mcloving shitting him self on the bars was priceless…

Order a wagon and put your bike in the back.


London’s black cabs were cool, you could get two people in the back and a bike! Most of the cabbies were pretty pumped up, too.

This doesn’t help, does it?

How come you didn’t leave your bike at my house? I shouted at you jerks at Room to shut up a few times, I was trying to sleep.

I thought this was going to be about your wife not understanding your habit, of dragging you through IKEA after you’d been on the brink of death for 120kms, and were flat out walking let alone driving in Sydney. Every Sunday. Or how your job makes it nearly impossible for you to get ahead in your riding, because you ride 900kms in three weeks, but then go away for a two week stint and come back slower than slow, and repeat this for a whole year.

But then you bring THIS, THIS IS YOUR PROBLEMZ?!?!?!?


Quoted for truth. Is there a lame thread of the year award?

I find having to PT it back into the city to get your bike the next day is way more preferable then trying to ride it home drunk and either A: breaking your clavicle (ask half the forum) or B: smashing up your face (ask trigger), or C: completely losing your bike all together (ask sime about that one).

so you got laid and had to get a cab back to your bike?

There is now. And this is a strong contender.

This isn’t a bike lifestyle problem, this is a hipster problem.

first world problemzzz.

This isn’t about riding drunk, though I will ask Sime about that story. Best to do an LP and just lock it your leg.

Don’t see how me getting “laid” has anything to do with this and no a friend drove me back.

How is this a hipster problem? I just wondered how you guys went about bringing people with them places when you had a bike and others didn’t. Was hoping there might be something I hadn’t thought of.

P.S. Anyone ordered a maxi taxi at night and put their bike in it?

Nope. You’ve exhausted all options.