Bike pick up PARKDALE Victoria

I have a bike that needs picking up before Sunday in Parkdale.
Anyone want to grab it for me and I’ll fly down during the week to pick it up??
Just got told that previous owner is moving and flight prices are extortionate.




I will sort you out in beer and kudos.

Sunday as in tomorrow?

Yeah, last minute aint it

about 5 mins from me and I’m around tomorrow. PM me.

Taxi from Airport to Parkdale will prob cost more than your flight

about $110 each way, a little more if there’s traffic.

Train with the plebs?

waiting for a train from the airport…ain’t nobody got time for that

wait, you’re going to fly down to Melbourne to pick up a bike…? sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but you can’t get the previous owner to drop it into a LBS to pack & post…?

It’ll come eventually.