Bike pickup needed!!! Anyone???

Hey folks

Is anyone able to collect a sweet fixxxxay from Bathurst??

Maybe if you’re going to the Blayney to Bathurst ride this weekend?

Pickup is available after this weekend, just hoping that someone is in the area or keen for a road trip…

Will hook you up with beer/ginger beer funds/petrol money etc as payment for your time.

i’ve contacted the seller hoping that they’re willing to box it up or drop to a LBS to send it over, see what happens!!

Cheers friends


Faaaarrrkk Rolly. Bathurst? Really? Shheeeeiiit.

Nope, can’t do it. Soz.

Did you google where Bathurst is before you purchased? Rolly you are silly.

I’ve always wanted to drive around Mt Panorama …

both of you just cool ya jets, there’s potentials in the works already… :wink:

rolly, FOA, and all of its affiliates does not condone unsafe driving practices and encourages all participants to observe posted speed limits at all times…


Ill grab it if ya can wait till October :wink:

In all serious though. I’m driving from Syd to Melb on ANZAC day and could be convinced to take a detour.

I think it would add $20 to my petrol and cost me 2hrs in time. Plus the pricelessness of hand delivery

Let me know if you need me.

man, that would be seriously amazing if you could!!

if you can, i will buy you a burger and a coupla beers/carton of beer/tank of petrol or something when you get here…

what ya reckon?

FOA Overnighter. Now to be held in Bathurst.

sorted, thanks to mercury and ev for there help, i love this place.

ended up getting a courier though!