Bike Poll! What do you ride?

It’s the 2009 bike poll.

What kind of bike do you mostly ride around on?

Me- road bike

If you want more poll options, let me know and I’ll add!

Cheers, Horatio

Lurkers- it’s time to sign up and vote!

How come singlespeed is a separate option to MTB, road and cyclocross?

What if you ride a singlespeed cross bike?

This is a shit poll Horatio :slight_smile:

Shall I differentiate single speed CX, and geared CX? :roll:

I dunno. It’s your poll :slight_smile:

What about step through? low riders? Tall bike? Scooterzzz? Kiddie trikes?

Skateboard? :wink:

razor scooter?

Is mostly based on trips or distance?

Or elapsed time?

Geeze it’s getting pretty technical now. Um, distance?

Most distance would imply most time on bike right?

Does it include rollers or trainers?

There is no option for motorcycle!!

Fixed gear with both front and rear brakes?

Holy cow, you’d be able to go from 30kph to zero in about 3 feet.

Not really, the minute you tap the rear brake the wheel locks up and you just skid for a few blocks.

i wish there was an option for “i just came here to chuckle at the banter between nick and horatio”.

Really, only 1 single speeder?

So there are only 40 members on :mrgreen:

I’m one.

But I didn’t know whether to choose singlespeed or cyclocross, so I just went with “i just came here to chuckle at the banter between nick and horatio”.

One of only two MTBrs here.


Can we put ‘your mum’ in there as an option?