Bike Route Help!

I’m trying to South Melbourne from the CBD by bike, any thoughts on a bike safe route?

Swanston Street, down the ramp at the Concert Hall spire, along the front of Crown to Jeff’s shed. Cross the road, then left and along Spencer St via bike path. Cross the big intersection and turn right along the tram route to the beach. Then left just after you go under the freeway and follow the road around to the Sth Melb market. You can get anywhere from there. That avoids the non existent bike lanes where Spencer St becomes Clarendon. It’s scenic and safe.

Thanks for the fast response, I see the tram route along Whiteman street. It ends @ City Rd, if City Rd is dodgy then I’ll sidewalk it.

Thanks again!

CBD to south Melbourne aint dangerous, City Road is fine.

all of Melbourne is fine.

cept Kings Way, that roads a bitch.

City road can be a bit hairy if you’re not used to riding next to massive trucks.

+1 King way though - just crossing that thing is a bastard.

City road is only really hairy behind Southbank, most of the heavy traffic goes down Williamstown Rd to the west of Kingsway.

I love bombing Kings Way, especially through the casino tunnel in peak hour.

i work on montague st right near city rd and commute this route.

nexus is on the money, basically along southbank, left at spencer, right at either whiteman which ends at city rd or right into normanby/left montague and right into city rd.

city rd is not hairy or scary down that end.

don’t this sound like the BV forum…

I would rather City Road than Southbank, unless you like tourist slalom.

for me, I like the tourist slalom (except when there is this one street performer that gathers quite the crowd, blocks off the entire width of path and then heckles you when you ride in front of him. prick)

agree - I find tourists respond better to no hand track stands than motorists. I’m going to start drawing a chalk circle and putting a hat out soon.

If your no handing can’t you just hold the hat?

good point. then I just need one of these -

and I’m ready to go!

They should of called it hansen and gretel

I’m going to get one of those for you before the next alleycat so I can follow you… :wink: