bike shops in paris?

Hey all. Probs Should have posted earlier. Lol anyone know of any good bike shops in paris? And maybe somewhere I can rent one? I’m in Tokyo now leaving tomorrow and my bike getting built here isn’t done yet so I’ll get it shipped straight to aus when I arrive back but that means at the moment I am bikeless. So far what I be heard is it’s hard as to bike in Paris (my wife isn’t confident for roads) and apparently you can’t bike on sidewalks either. :confused: so yes, any suggestions please?

As far as riding in the city goes, if you don’t have a bike you can use those rent bikes (velib’) that you have in several places. Not the sexiest bikes to ride but they will get you from A to B. Quicker and more fun than the metro (although I really recommend taking the metro a couple times, that’s part of the whole experience). Regarding riding in the street and feeling safe, I reckon you’ll be right. There are shitloads of people riding bikes and few bike lanes (although, this is getting more and more developed), and some streets are pretty narrow. But motorists are well aware of cyclists and generally behave well.

The velib’ program is basically aiming at getting more people on bikes to commute, and the system is easy enough for tourists to experience it. So I’d say have your wife try it and see how she goes. With velib’ you pick up a bike at a station and leave it at another one, some are only a couple hundred meters away from each other so if she hates it it won’t be a big deal to return the bike.

Go to the Alex Singer shop if you get a chance, cool place

Not much to add in the way of shops, but riding around is really quite pleasant, I’ve only ridden around the place for a week ages ago. Like Mansolwata said most drivers are really considerate and there’s not a falcon or commodore ute to be seen

The bicycle store, Paris. Has all fixie stuff. Stocks Cinelli, look, colossi etc.

I enjoy getting little oddments from Rando-Cycles.
Rando Boutique

Bicloune is worth checking out too.

this is good
La Bicyclette Velos d’hier et d’aujourd’hui - La Bicyclette v Velos d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.Magasin de vente et réparation de vélos. Ventes de pieces neuves et d’occasion.situé au 10 rue Crozatier paris 75012… Pignon fixe, Singlespeed, vélos de vil
this is good ask for the young bike polo kid alex, and tell him joey from australia sent you.
Bicycle Store
this is arrogant fucking shit… (but well worth the view)
En selle Marcel

if you ned any info about paris, pm me. i lived in paris for a year in 2014.

and yeah do the velib. its rad. and easy.

back now, just ended up going with velib as my bike was not ready yet in tokyo. lol

made a few local friends though. as well as in italy but did not get to ride as was under the weather.

bonus pic of me at the tokyo tower