Bike Snob's coming to Melbourne

For the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Here’s an interview he did with Time Out. I don’t know what the interviewer is talking about? I thought Melbourne was all about semi-disposable Reid bicycles.

Great for leaving at your favourite pub.

Sweet. So it looks like he’s doing two talks with other people (Andy Fyxo for one) or a ride around Melbourne.

A jaunt down St Kilda Road and Swanston Street during peak hour should provide a few articles worth.

I am going to ask him what his favourite Morbid Angel record is.

I quite enjoyed the talk last night, although Bike Snob’s presentation was just a verbal re-hash of his book. I’m not sure if he was jet lagged, but at times he looked like he was falling asleep! Got my book signed, happy days!

I thought Bridie’s presentation was the best, just for the record.

He makes no bones about the fact that he’s a sub-standard presenter, and that he’s surprised by offers to fly him around the world to speak. I guess people just think he’s being all funny and self-effacing…

I like to think it’s because he’s been up all night on coke, JD and partying like a late 70’s, rock star on a world tour!

I fell asleep in the bath reading mine, dropped it in the water now most of the pages are stuck together. How does it end?

“dropped it in the bath”… suuuuuuuuure you did.

‘0h they’re just …coffee stains’