bike trailers

I’m sick of carrying around lots of weight (ie a carton) on my back, so I need a trailer for my bike.
I like the surly trailer but I can’t find where to buy it and I expect that it will be quite expensive.
Has anyone used something reasonably cheap that will connect to any bike?

You in melbs? User: Rearviewmirror is selling a doggie trailer on ebay right now.

The Surly is pretty cool, but will be veeeeeeery expensive. Consider the Bob Yak and various knockoffs also.

nah in adelaide unfortunately.
i’d build one myself but due to me being extremely lazy, i don’t see it happening for a while

do know you who would sell one of those bob yak trailers? are they expensive too?

There’s a knockoff Yak that’s better in some ways than the Bob, but I couldn’t tell you where to look, try some LBS’ that have a commutery focus. I have an xtracycle instead :wink:

I drag my ungrateful kids around in a trailer from time to time. It’s okay, but I reckon the negatives are too numerous for everyday use. Its a bitch to store, makes the bike super wide (I went over the handlebars negotiating a narrow corner), the bike handles like shit, more crap to get stolen and my kids are a bit too big to go in it together these days, so they fight the whole way.

However, when you’re going camping with your kids and you’re flying the Jolly Roger off the back, it is the shizzle.

it’s mainly to drag large amounts of shopping, beer and bike parts, only a few kms max, so not too worried if it makes the bike handle like poo.