In the market for a new groupset, so I’m looking to place my first Bike24 order.
I’ve heard that delivery can be slow.
Will I be waiting a month before I get the bike rolling?
Anyone have any recent experiences they want to share?

there’s quite a few feedback on the Online shopping discount codes thread might be worth while to check it out

Yes you may end up waiting up to a month. The quickest delivery I had was 2 weeks while the slowest was around 4 weeks. Prices are very good, if not the best online due to the Euro exchange rate. The packaging was very average although I’m sure a groupset would be okay.

Ah yeah, thanks. I knew I had read about how shit they were somewhere, but couldn’t remember/find it.

Wifey said I could only buy a new groupset if I sold the old one first. I guess some further negotiations are on the cards. I should have done this a month ago when the weather was worse.

I’ve ordered from them a few times, as said above, ranges from 2-4 weeks, but my more recent orders (including the one that arrived yesterday) have been more on the 2 week side of things

Just the same as eveyone else.

I have ordered a few times before. 4 weeks max, shitty packing skills, very cheap.

Just order the group… You’ll have 2 - 4 weeks to get rid of the old one, so you can keep riding in the interim :slight_smile:

diddy, i’ll msg you a few pics of the box my wheels arrived in…

took 3.5wks, but all good. can’t remember who it was but someone mentioned small parts can be easily lost when the shit box inevitably develops a hole.

after my experience i realised that paying an extra 10% for the same wheels elsewhere was probably worth the reduction in stress awaiting their arrival…

yo diddy ditto.
bought rims, waited ages, box trashed, rims fine. would do it again.

Rolly those pics are fucking hilarious (to me anyway, probably shit for you). You really should post them here for all to see.

Campy parts are usually packaged in those nice fat Campy boxes, so it should be fine. And they stock SKS fenders and FSA handlebars, which I also want, and which Ribble don’t have. I’ll put my case to the missus and see if I can get pre-groupset-sale approval.

like i said in the other thread, maybe worth requesting they pack your order properly as you have read numerous reports online of poor packaging and want to make sure it arrives complete and undamaged. probably serves no purpose, but i felt slightly better having a reassuring email from them saying they would pack it properly etc, so that if it did show up fucked i could include it in my complaint/return.

edit - tried to upload pics but they all saved to my work pc wrong and i can’t rotate them for some stupid reason. will try later when i’m not as busy

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