Planning to order some gear from bike 24 in the next 3-4 weeks, if you want something small and want to split shipping let me know, collection would be from Wacol during business hrs or Ipswich after hours

Did this Bike24 order ever happen?

Need 60mm SKS Bluemels guards and XT M8000 brakes (and possibly a SON Delux :(), but not til next month.

nah, got my stuff elsewhere, no one wanted anything anyways :slight_smile:

Let’s stay in touch then and we can sort one out next month.

Have you run these before? I have heard very mixed reports regarding reliabilty—lots of warranties and saw loads of them going in the bin at a multiday enduro race earlier this year. Most peps saying go M785s if you can.

Problem is finding some. only have fronts available in black. Not inclined to shop around for something that hasn’t been made for over 2 years.

Fair enough.

I have a barely used set in a box somewhere. PM if ya interested.