Bikepacking with dropper posts - well sort of

Hey gang – dropper post questions!

I have a karate monkey that I bought for two sorts of riding, one being bike packing and the other being for some XC use. I have had my dropper post fail already and unfortunately it isn’t a warranty issue (long story). Which has me thinking of how I can set up the dropper in a way that the post can come in and out when I transform the bike over from XC to Bikepacking.

The easy options are out of the picture.

  1. Forget about a dropper - Not an option as I am loving the sort of bike the KM turns into with a dropper

  2. Wireless dropper - I am not made of money

  3. Bikepack with a dropper post - I don’t like the idea of something else to go wrong with the bike, the impact the seat post bag has on the dropper.

So, is there a solution that anyone knows where I can switch the seat post over from an internal routed dropper post to rigid with as little fuss as possible? Are there any quick disconnects I can use on the cable close to the seatpost?

Thanks gang.

KS lev with an external cable will work.

Can remove post and lever from bars as a complete unit.

I have one on my Cotic.

I initially thought I’d do the same as you, I.e. swap between rigid and dropper. But I just leave it on all the time now even when doing bike packing trips. #aerodropper

(Not exactly what your after but easiest solution, can get a rubber grommet to cover old internal dropper hole).

Option 4: get one of these Valais 25 – Wolf Tooth Components which you’ll need to run a bag on the dropper anyway, but if the post fails it can keep it up.

I’m also using an external dropper on my fat bike. I just cut the cable ties and pull it all off when I want to swap in a rigid post - pretty quick and easy. But like MD I’ve tended to just leave it in there most of the time.

option 4 - keep dropper, look for different seat bag? or not use seat bag at all?

The KS Lev is the dropper that failed… boo!

Not really keen to drop coin on another seat bag seeing as I already have one. Not using a seat bag probably isn’t an option at this point, I will need the storage space on the bike

I run a Bontrager Dropline, its pretty easy to hookup the cable ends.

You could just leave the cables in there when you swap posts?

Bike Revive Dropper? fails mid ride, pull out a 4mm hex key and service trailside and bang, good as new.