Binder Bolt

Do you think this bolt

is the same as this bolt

without the female sleeve nut?

It’s for one of those threaded seat binder jobs.

And if so, does anyone have one they are willing to sell?

Velo Orange sell those binder bolts if you get stuck.

But yes, it looks similar.

This would the sort of thing your LBS will have a bucket of in their workshop and will cost you a couple of dollars.

^^ Thanks. Couldn’t see it on the VO website, am I missing it or is it something you need to ask for?

Hmmm. I got one from Treadly that was a VO one a while back, but like HM said, go to your LBS and ask.

Yeah right. I have been meaning to take it to Commuter, but I always seem to forget. Cheers.

yep, commuter will have them in spades, or buckets, or little containers…

Or framebags…