Black and fluro yellow willer roadie stolen?

Willer Centro1SR fluro yellow.

saw some junkie kids pushing it at southern cross just now. had o/s carbon bars. didn’t see much else.

Next time it might pay to grab a pic of them in action or flag down a cop if there’s one around.

Nice idea in principle, but you know how these situations are… I think JAMS surreptitious photo on the train was a good technique.

It was this:
Cento1SR, categoria bici: Road Bike | Wilier Triestina
in fluro yellow

no offence, but saying you saw a bike being “possibly” stolen does not help in anyway at all. unless you have the said “junkies” name and address, or at the minmum, photo, it really wont help anyone.

Thanks for your wisdom sir. Don’t know why I didn’t stop to just ask their names and postal addresses.
If my bike was stolen It would be good to know it was still in the state and not parted up.
Thanks for looking. :rolleyes:

Yes. That’s what I was getting at or else yelling out, “Hey fuckers, is that your bike?” Either is probably better than no action at all.