Black sheep (mallet 360)

Well i took delivery of my Mallet 360 late yesterday arvo after being sent the wrong colour and then courier issues.
Very pleased with it for the price, just took it out to get aquainted after assembling it lastnight.
Set it up fixed, and definetly have to adjust to it and skid braking as ive left only the front brake on.
It’ll be hard work with a few hills around here but i’ll leave it like it is and see how i go:)


Looks stealth. Will keep an eye out for it in ADL

48:19, it’ll cure all your braking needs.

can’t do barspinnz with that front brake on

Once ive mastered the braking, then i’ll take off the front one and look at bar spinning.


what sorta foot retention are you running there uncle chop chop?

nice ride.

^ looks like BOgears, which I have on one of my bikes, and i Hate.

bo gear strap on’s, which i have on one of my bikes, nothing even comes close for keeping your feet in while bombing hills :wink: and i LOVE them and wouldnt trust anything else coming down many of the huge hills in and around brisbane :slight_smile:

Yes as the others have mentioned BOgear, got them through Never Stop Pedalling. Quick great service.


for the straps did you have to do any modifications on the pedals or does it fit straight away?
I am getting the same bike soon and I am interested in buying some.


Yes i had to modify the pedals, on the BOgear website it shows how to cut out the little fins in the pedals to put the straps through.
I did it my own way and used a coping saw(easy when i’m a carpenter and have the tools) which worked a treat.


Thanks for the info, actually I received the bike not long after I posted the question and I realised that I will have to cut them if I want the straps.

thanks again anyways.