black sugino black t-shirt for sale

ok, so while i was in sydney for CMWC i met up with these amazingly cool guys from japan. these guys had some of the most seriously awesome styles happening, and among other things like toptube pads and little hats they had some shirts.
i bought lots of shirts.
lots and lots of shirts.
one of the shirts i bought is a large black t-shirt, plain and unprinted except for the bottom of the back of it.
along the bottom of the shirt in silver, full width, and 3 lines high is written
it then has a small sugino x logo and the japanese sugino logo next to it.
i’ve never worn the shirt, and i never will really, and i need bike parts, so i’m selling it.
i will sell this shirt for $45 plus postage to whoever wants it.
and i’ll find my camera and take a photo of it as soon as i can find my camera. i know it’s in my room somewhere.
anyway, as far as i know, i think there are about 3 of these in australia, so grab one for yourself now.