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Item: BLAQ k-rab straps [k-rab straps - blaq design ltd.]
How long used: About 6 months
Where used: Street
What similar product have you used: Hold-Fast, Powergrips, BO Gear straps, cage.

So I’ve had these on for the 6ish months, and thought it was about time I shared.
I have awkwardly large feet for my size, and mainly, large toes, so I find that using cages leaves the ball of my foot half off the pedal, and just not efficient.
After using various other methods, I found the power-grip diagonal hold to be my favourite, and felt a bit more secure than the standard horizontal straps. The problem with them is they felt flimsy as (extremely narrow straps), and adjusting the hold on the straps was a bit too fiddly.
When I saw the BLAQ K-rab straps, I figured they would be the right ones for me.
So, to start with, first impressions: Straps are a little flat and hard to get your foot into when you’re taking off, but with age they flex out and then it’s real simple to get in and out of. Installation wise it’s easy as, just bolt them into your pedals. The only problem with installation is finding pedals with gates big enough to accomodate the strap coming out of, they were a bit larger than the hold-fasts I had, and they need to turn in the gate (more pictures to come) on the way out.
A downside to these straps would be if you wear dunlop volleys, you may not be able to get the strap tight enough.

Since using them for a while, I have found that they are awesome to get in and out of, and the diagonal twist to tighten has saved my foot from coming off in a few situations.
In terms of riding style, I don’t do mad skidz down hills with my nuts to the bar.
I use quick whip skids and skid stops to stop as fast as I can. This causes some strong backwards pull on the straps, and the problem I had with Hold-fast and BO Gears was my foot was able to come out completely if I wasn’t concentrating.

In all out of 10 I would throw them a solid 9 (in comparision to what I’ve used and what I want). The only thing I would really improve is make the middle velcro strap a little shorter so you can get them tighter to the feet.


  • diagonal hold (twist foot to tighten)
  • wide thick strap (no fear of it being too flimsy)
  • plenty of colours etc


  • not quite enough room for adjustment on a narrow foot
  • price ($74 for straps plus postage that takes about a week)
  • not every pedal will fit the strap