Blaze Blue

Freshly powdered.
Some new parts.

love the colour. it’s like electric blue


What frame is that?

The frame is unknown with suntour dropouts and a rennolds BB shel unfortunately that is all I know.

I like the pursuit-ness of it, but it’s not over the top.

I <3 the chain ring

In the process of flipping chopping some B125’s, will get updated pics over the weekend. I’ve had this frame for about 10months now and I’m finally happy with how it looks and rides.

wtf Leon? You’re chopping B125s? Why?

I mean why not get bullhorns?

The only bullhorns I like are 26.0 so I’d have to get a new stem so it works out cheaper to cut the b125’s.
I’m not the first to do it

i’m telling you now, bullhorns are great, but there’s a reason they all have a flat spot where your hands go, and that’s the reason why flop and chops are vastly inferior.

Yeah, bullhorns != flipnchops

Shame to cut such a nice track bar too. I’m curious to hear how it goes, given that it’s a track bar and it doesn’t really have straight bits.

It might work for Pete but that’s because his arms are all fucked up and his elbows point the wrong way :slight_smile:

I want! Can have?

:roll: :roll: :roll:

love the blaze blue. a seat tube band in a different colour would set it off.

real nice leon !
thats not the same frame you used to ride is it?

Sure is danny just had abit of a over haul :smiley:

So I couldn’t bring my self to cut the b125’s so I will ride them as drops for awhile.
Thanks Evan(Cyclic) for taping them up!!!