Block Party - Bike Warrior Disco !!! - Fri. 24th March (Free)

It’s on again … we’re doing another Block Party at the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards !!

It’s a free event, there’s a new artwork by Beastmaster being unveiled in the laneway just up from my workshop. All the gallery spaces will be open with fresh exhibits, my colleague at Lonely Kids Club will be doing a Nintendo 64 sit in, there’s be loads of street art, magicians and then myself: Disco thing … with a few of Uncle Spizza’s slides being shown too.

Come along … from 5pm to 10pm (maybe later :wink: ) on Friday the 24th of March. Bring anyone you like, bring everyone you know. BYO for my party (there’s a good bottle shop 100m away).

Come along … lets have some fun !!

And a lil’ preview from previous parties !!

Also Nat’s leaving party … well the start of it anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll be there after the kids go to bed :slight_smile:

sweet! might ride my fixie to work on this day, then come along.

Will try and swing by! Sounds grand!

Will be there at 5:05, unless I want to bail to so Jono can get sassy.

It’ll be fun … and I’m also keen to see a new artwork about 30m up the road by Beastman !!!

Oh … if anyone knows anyone with a projector and an interest in film/visuals have them to holla at me :wink:

This Friday night !!!

I’ll be along for a bit. Art work looks good.

One of the occasions when I wonder why I live on the Northern Beaches and the ride home would be pretty much horrible. Have fun! My wife works close by and has visited you on many occasions but she is in Europe at the moment, we’ll be around for the next one.

Will be there Benny!

Stop by on the ride home :slight_smile:

Pick of this weeks events by Concrete Playground !!!

My little outdoor disco is just one part of a nights fantastic events … and it’s all free !!!

Yew !!

Totally bummed by this but I got a wicked cold - night at home for me :frowning: