blog posters wanted

if anyone is interested in posting blog entries on the frontpage, i can promise you will get everlasting fixie love and many kind thoughts directed your way - for this life and the next.

i’ve been trying recently, but some extra help would be great. just posts about anything fixed/bike related. posters can link back to themselves or whatever for google juice, if you’re into that.

pm me if you’re interested.


what if you’re a muppet?

find yourself a plushy or harden up :wink:

what if i’m a muppet?

i thought everybody already knew i was!

but if you are concerned as to whether potential blog posters could be muppets, well we can post in perfect harmony :slight_smile:

Hey ndf wanna be "plushy’ sweetie??? go on don’t be shy…


only if we can both wear gorilla suits, battle till we bleed and then make sweet love :slight_smile: