Blue Mountains/Penriff

Well im movin to the mid/lower mountains as i done gone bought a house. will be still in the city for work but lookin for people who may exist out that way. Will be in Blacktown for a month. Up for some hill climbin’ and some spin o the way down. I think my fixed/fixed hub will finally come in handy

from when to when are you in blacktown? i’m in north parra until i move to my new house at baulkham hills in july. there’s a few ppl out the hills district way who’d be keen for a ride sometime.

this saturday for a month, the settelment is on the 7th of april the week following easter.

I’m in Winmalee (Springwood) weekdays; I’m in town most weekends. Usually try for a ride through the Nat Park Thur mornings 6:30am start. But keen for some more fixed riding. It’s not that bad in the mt, the toughest climb is from Emu to Blaxland, the rest is fine.


nice climb, got here a week ago and have yet to take out my fix, winmalee wtf do you do for work? im in faulco do my shopping there though

just new member here. .

welcome, are you On or Off the mountain, and what do you ride so i know who to give special waves to.

phark I didn’t think fixies existed anywhere west of emu plains, too many hills! I often ride up lapstone hill along the GWH to blaxland or springwood, but on something with gears.