BMW gangster

i’ve had my new bike for a while now but thought i would post it up :slight_smile:

Frame/fork: Brooklyn Machine Works Gangster track frame
Headset: FSA.campy
Stem: Thomson
Bars: Answer Pro taper
Seat Post: Thomson
Seat: Selle italia titanium rails
Cranks: Suguino 75
BB: Suguino
Hubs: Profile track hubs
Rims: Velocity Deep V
Brake: some avid v-brake

and a vid :slight_smile:

excuse the watermark, only using free software at the moment :frowning:

i want to see a brissy version of mash or bootleg starring you and all the heshers!

stupid watermark…

Sweeeet !

buy me some good editing software :stuck_out_tongue:

im looking to do a fair bit of filming with the brissy riders too, so i need to get a decent editing program anyway…

for some much needed hipster points, this is now mine :sunglasses:

What sort of brake mounts come on the BMW frame??

mtb style “V” brake mounts, due to the construction of the fork. :slight_smile:

aerospoke FTW

Looks pretty freaking tuff.

yeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that things the bling. i got my sprocket and new chain. lets go ridin’!!!

Oh man…what a OG.
hehe have fun riding with it, I believe u r using the profile track hubs right?

yep, and they are GREAT well worth the effort/money :smiley:

some new photos,.

Nobody likes a show off. :roll:

is there a problem with posting pics of me riding my bike in my bike thread??

really you just make yourself look like a twat with a comment like that… :roll:

Ha ha, hook, line, sinker & bait. No need to be so cranky, was only stirrin you up and appears to have worked a treat.

haha how good is internet beef, DN will probs write a song about it before too long eh?

fuck that shit aint no body wanna hear it…

yeh, i was not too sure, i thought you were joking, then i saw the rolls eyes, and no other sign to suggest you were being sarcastic, so i assumed you were serious :stuck_out_tongue:

Was going to use a :wink: but that kinda gave it away too easy and that would’ve been no fun would it?