BMX backflip

never seen this before is it new?

I’ve certainly not seen it before.

I think its a fake.
This came up on the bmx australia forum and we were pretty sure of it.

I have seen a video of a dude doing the opposite of this, he stays still and the bike flips around. It is over a foam pit and I would say that if it was a real landing it wouldn’t have been landed, he looked pretty sketchy when he was back on the bike.

Still though, pretty impressive… I remember when I was in year 12 (98) a mate was one of the first people in Canberra to backflip a BMX at skateparks. Now it is a pretty common trick. people keep pushing!

It does seem kind of weird. There’s a strange zoom thing that happens in the middle of the flip. Still looks cool though.

This however, does not look fake.

Aeons of flat, did anyone manage to find it as an actual video clip, and not a clipping gif??

even with just the gif, i’m very inclined to believe it’s real.

from the body “twisting”, as opposed to actually flipping…the way the bike moves when he lets go and when he grabs it again…

Thats Darren Berrecloth from the Roam video. I have never met the dude, but he comes across as a bit of an arrogant fella.

YouTube - Darren Berrecloth ROAM

yeah guess it could be two clips stuck together. still, i bet someone manages to pull it off if it hasnt already been done.

There’s some seriously nice riding, and seriously nice filming in that video. Cheers!

Get the movie, its amazing.

Check this one out… probably one of the best sections I have ever seen.

YouTube - Kranked 8 Revolve - Coastal Crew

Ignore them talking at the start, just think of them taking the piss out of themselves.

For the record, watching these mountain bike movies is why I don’t get movies like MASH. Mash is deadset boring.

We only had the GIF to rely on.
Its not that impressive when compared with the standard of park tricks being done today. I’ll post some up here in a sec

YouTube - craig mast bunny hop flair
YouTube - cash roll lander onto resi
YouTube - BMX Videos - 2010 Jomopro Best Trick Video - Ride BMX

Watch these if you want to see some ridiculous bmx park tricks.
Last vid has some stuff you probably haven’t seen before.

Some guy can do those flip things on his moto, so I assume anyone can do it into a foam pit on a bmx like in the .gif

iwearmoccos did one of these on his roadie out the front of my place last week. it was amazing.

That is a nice youtube clip. But I like mash also, I love seeing fast riding through busy streets. Although there is a hell of a lot of wank on a lot of fixed gear vids that I can do without

Highly unlikely…
I did pee on your neighbours tree though!

that first gif is of special greg from nitro circus doing a special flip.


this is the only video i can find but is real, and some guy on mx does a simalar thing he calls an “electric death” i think.