BMX Bandits ROCK!!!

Not my Bike, But hey!!!

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clicki linki no work here.
that frame looks great!

How much would something like this cost to do? I wanna compare that to the costs of my special paintjob Im doing myself :wink:

Sucks to walk past it every day… if Brent would only go up a few frame sizes…

Of all the things to put on a frame like that he picks tartan? :expressionless:

I reckon it looks awesome!

It matches his kilt.

You know what’s even funnier- watching Brent locking his BT and rollers up outside Bimbo’s…

Tartan does not look awesome. The end.

and funnier again: Watching drunken teens playing with the rollers with a puzzled “this looks serious, but I’m just not entirely sure what ‘this’ is” look on their faces.

As for the tartan comment. I disagree.

Also worth mentioning - the print on Brent’s BT is acxtually his family tartan.

Tartan does not look awesome. The end.

Tartan is the new argyle

Gingham is the new tartan

And anal is the new pussy.

craig c for the win.

No way. He’s used it before. He needs to be encouraged to come up with new material.

fair enough. Im not ‘regular’ enough around here to know.

craig - wash your mouth out with soap.

All-right, fixed is the new…YAWN!!!

Oh yeah:
“what’s the difference between hockey players and hippie chicks?”

“hockey players usually shower after the third period.”

Plus Brents’ frame ROCKS…

is that ice or field hockey?

there is ONLY ice !