(BMX) Deadline Prem at LUX BMX 7pm 27/09

If you have any interest at all in bmx and partying, and are also in Brisbane, I would get down to LUX on Friday night for a viewing of what is supposedly the most ground breaking bmx video you will ever see.
Garrett has a 3 song part with one whole song of NBDs (never been done), that is worth going down for.
I am extremely excited about this video and am beyond excited to see it when I can.

Trailer below.

SOOO HYPED (no premier in canberra though as far as I know).

thanks for the headsup

Was planning on hitting this after work mocco’s! It’s going to be rad!

heyooo i’ll be here from 7.15ish if anyones keen hit a brah up, i’ll be the hipster with a beard. that’ll definitly make it easier to find me


If any one is Perth is looking to catch this, premiere is 6pm at Local BMX in Freo

creeeepin BNE on the reg

This Garrett kid, he has long blonde hair? Here and watching and kids are all phwooooaarrrrrr

Maybe spoke too soon, Garrett Reynolds? Tech as fuck.

I think you mean Ty morrow

Correct, I’m not a BMX spotter by any stretch, fucking rad video though