BMX thread?

------ After a search and a flip through a few of the likely forums, I can’t find a BMX thread… Have a I missed it? Can someone link to it? The search doesn’t like BMX as the only term as I guess its too short, so added other words and may have confused the situation.---------

Anyway, I am loving riding BMX at the track. My daughter has started riding there and man, its a new outlet of bike love. I’ve really enjoyed setting her up on a nice little beast to cut laps, and we picked up a nice adult (Pro) sized bike to follow her around on.

So, of course, I am now looking at another one so all three of us can ride the track and wherever else together. I’m looking for something with “traditional” BMX geometry (slack, 74deg or so HT, 21.5" or so TT, long, 14" or so rear end), and something long enough for my hulkish 186cm frame. And I will always run brakes. And I am starting to ride around the skatepark near my work at lunch times.
This has lead me to the S&M Credence… man, so nice! I can get one locally and I think they are well loved in the Can, but its a lot of cash. I thought maybe someone here might know of other frames that are similar but less expensive?

Also, I am bang-up for BMX chat, so if there is no thread on it, please let this be it.

Thanks Tom! mod shape shifters, feel free to delete, yo.

Hey JP,

Might just post here in case you don’t see it in the other thread.

BackBone are currently having a decent sale on their last season Fits. If I had to buy a complete again i’d definitely go for one of those, and they’re well priced for what you get. BMX is so much cheaper now than when I got into it all those years ago.

Back Bone BMX | The Raddest BMX Shop Australia wide - 20.75TT - 21TT

This Aitken leans somewhat towards more relaxed trail/dirt riding. I’m not too well versed on current trends/current completes (BMX is a very trendy sport and industry IMHO) but it’s probably pretty close to what you want. I can’t think off the top of my head of any completes that come in 21+ inch top tubes. Once upon a time 21 was the longest you could go, but i’m pretty sure they go up to 21.5 now.

Actually I think S&M had a division dedicated to slightly bigger frames and wheels - 22"? Might even be Credence. I think you’d have to buy them online though.

I’d look at S&M, Credence, Fairdale (Taj Mihelich), Fit, Fly and those ‘older’ brands for what you’re looking for. I feel like most recent brands are all about the branding and image…

EDIT: got excited and didn’t realised you were after a frame specifically. Disregard anything above the last line.