BnC fixed touring video

BnC did a trip from Hobart to Ouse and back on Monday and Tuesday this week. Took a lot of back roads up and down some ridiculously big hills. Three of us were foolish enough to do it fixed (me on my Alien, Ben on his heavily modified Steamroller and Gus on his old Apollo conversion). Safe to say it was a silly idea, but we had a lot of fun. I’m not sure I’d do it again (in fact, I’m sure I wouldn’t), and Ben was in the shop this morning purchasing a new back wheel, shifters and a 10spd derailleur. So much for a singlespeed-only stable. Liam put together a bit of footage, proving that BnC is serious business (and goes well with bangin’ hip hop).

Have a gander here: Bottles and Chains Bike Gang - YouTube

About 200km in total.

+1 great ride and video guys!

I like how you don’t even use the word ‘epic’ :slight_smile:

I’m originally a Tassie boy- when I’m next down, can I tag along?

Shit yeah, definitely. We’re heading out again some time over the Christmas/NY period. Camping at Egg & Bacon Bay I believe (got a support car volunteer though, sweeeeet). The more the merrier!

Awesome I’ll let you know if I’m around!


wow … gotta find me some’o’dem roads !!!

Nice one Mischa! Just what I needed - more inspiration to bust out some long rides this summer… :smiley:

Looks like wicked fun. Top job fellas!

nice video, keep doing what your doing

No plans on stopping. Although the cyclocross bike is getting closer to completion…