BnC Silo Run - Thursday April 9

Bottles And Chains Silo Run

Good Friday’s a public holiday, so I figure we should probably go for a ride the night before, and maybe have a meal and a couple of pints at the pub afterwards.

Meet on the Salamanca lawns, opposite Knopwoods. Get there around 6pm to depart at 6:30. Bring your mates, ride anything you want. We’ll pick a destination on the night.

You’ll probably need lights, so make sure you at least have a front and rear flasher. Getting run over sucks. If anyone has a stereo they can strap to their bike, do that.

Probably a mountain bike run the next day, we’ll organise something on the night.

Don’t be a slack cunt, show up.


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will there be beer action?

Some, no doubt.

are you sure? I saw the 24hr photos…

God help the guy who has a weekend without beer :roll: